Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bat - cellphone charm 蝙蝠手機吊飾

Idea to create the bat is came from .The forum created from a art team at my hometown. The place call KLUANG. It's a small town located at Malaysia. Nothing special beside the name. KLUANG is a malay word and come from then malay's word KELUANG, it means bat.

They did the design and I help up to sew anything I can. We have a lot of memories here. And we like to share with everyone of you.

This is my first product and by using T-shirt fabric.I like the outline for the bat, as it enhance the figure of the cute bat.
Each one is hand stitched, so no two are ever the same.

初想要製作這個蝙蝠造型的想法是來自這個論壇 這論壇來自我的故鄉的美設科. 故鄉叫居鑾 (KLUANG). 是座落在馬來西亞的小鎮. 最特別的是她的名字. KLUANG是句馬來語. 由於後來的人念的快 Keluang 就變成了KLUANG. 而Keluang的意思是蝙蝠. 這也是這個論壇的代言小蝙蝠.

他們設計這只蝙蝠. 而我透過設計的蝙蝠連想我接下來的製作. 蝙蝠有我們的回憶, 希望在這裡分享給更多的人.

這只蝙蝠手機吊飾是第一個成品. 利用T-shirt 布料和手工縫紉完成. 我喜歡圍繞它的外線,因為突顯了可愛蝙蝠的身型. 每一個都是手工縫製, 所以不會有相同的.

Size: W 5.8cm x H 7cm

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