Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coin Purse + doll 娃娃的零錢包

Idea to Sew coins purse is because I'm lazy to bring so much. This size is just fine to putting eZ link or ATM/ Credit cards and money. Design a small key holder ring easier to find my keys.

Sewing at midnight, and I draw 3 dolls on it. They're happy dancing, magic pocket and the big doll. This is what I dream before.

一直懶惰帶大錢包. 所以想縫適合攜帶的零錢包. 能放一些常用如提款卡,EZ LINK卡等. 裡面還設計了個小鑰匙圈. 這樣能整齊放置且容易找到我的鑰匙. 你會有常找不到鑰匙的經驗? ^.^"

這是昨晚凌晨縫好的. 我在上面縫上我畫的3個娃娃. 一個在 開心的跳舞,一個在魔術口袋裡面, 還有一個巨娃娃. 這些都出現在門裡過. (但沒有4個字) ^-^

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