Friday, February 15, 2008

Devil+angel+azreal (completed)

Haha. Finally complete the Devil+angel+ azreal . I take 2half hrs to complete the wing of azreal. By hand sew. Total 3 of them i took 3 days from sketch to actual size.
Now i'm need to add on some accesaries and take nice photo for them.

to be continue... :P

終於做好了. 從設計草圖到完成品, 花了3天的時間. 唯一最久最難的是死神的翅膀. 就花了2 小時半. 雖然已經有縫紉機, 但還是選擇用手縫. 許多細節還是用手比較好.

接著下來就是配件 和拍照了. 請期待他們的寫真喔! :P

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