Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bf-010 Ook

Hunting & trading of protected animals are strictly prohibited.

This is my new toy. Actually, last week I drew it out. Never try to made him till I went back to Malaysia for the vote. I take few hours to think about the shape for the head and angle. Finally done. I'm so happy and it really looks unique and cute. Haha!

這是我的新作品. 其實, 上星期已經畫好設計了. 但是一直沒時間做直到我回馬拉西亞投票的那天. 在家裡花了好幾個小時想頭部的樣子和角度. 現在終於作好了. 心理很開心也覺得它可愛+特別. 呵呵!

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