Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bf_015 Doo with girlfriend

This is his girlfriend, ^.^"she is cute, right? And she's kind.

Am I too short?.?

Hunting & trading of protected animals are strictly prohibited.

I'm so happy bought the similiar socks,yesterday. All the sock's toy I made only have 1-2 pairs. I hope i can get something unique from taiwan on july 2008.

昨天我很開心, 因為能買到累式的襪子. 本來以為只能做一只, 結果讓我發現有相同圖案的襪子. 二話不說就全買了. 只有兩雙,呵呵!之前所做的襪子娃娃多數只買1-2雙襪子,所以同款做不多. 希望我7月的台灣之旅能採購更多特別的襪子回來.

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