Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bf_018 Pompi

Hunting & trading of protected animals are strictly prohibited.

Last day I went to "Plaza singapora". There got a fish shop at the basement 2. On that time I really thinking to get one. But I know I can't take good care of them as I'm a super lazy women. Oopz... And it also remind me somewhere selling this Hermit crab "寄居蟹" and someone draw on the shell. I felt sad, when I saw it.

This morning when I wake up. I keep thinking of doing something living in the sea. Idea of Nautilus pompilius "鹦鹉螺" appear on my mind. Now day, we only can see "Nautilus pompilius" at Aquarium only.

Making hr: 2-3hrs
H: 12.5cm L: 16cm x W: 8cm

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