Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making off of the deco for the FFDE 展覽裝飾製作過程1

Now, I'm sewing the decoration for the FFDE. Lively, adjustable and clean cut are what I 'm looking for. Luckly, found the material which can fulfill my request. What I want to present lively "Tranquility" in the show. That's why I selected White for the background.

這是製作展覽時,裝飾用的假草. 為了能固定和靈活控制草的扭曲方向. 也為了配合整體主題的宗旨"布好玩",從娃娃到布景都採用布料和考量後而選的材料等製作. 並且用手工縫製完成. 縫的方式呈現的縐褶突顯植物的細節.
為了體顯展覽設計概念的"晨靜"及空間感而決定用純白色, 並且能帶出"靜"的一面.

襪子, 片狀人製海綿, 針, 線和魚骨(俗稱).

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