Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4th Exhibition : Fabric & Paper Fun Making of (Live)

4th Exhibition
This is a live show to present how we work from idea to an exhibition. Included planning, photograph, toy making, silver clay making, sewing bag , illustration etc.

I'll post the coming show schedule. Watch the show at the left side "Live channel"

Title: Fabric & Paper Fun
Exhibition design concept: Factory
Count down: 2 1/2 months
Location: Bras plaza
Team: Nana
Soloist Thanks for the animation making and 2D design

"布好玩,纸好看"Live Show从筹备>制作>展览
其中包函拍摄,娃娃制作, 银饰制作,缝制包包和插画等等
请注意左邊Live show
Click here for 2nd&3rd FFDE

Click here for 1st FFDE

由於有时候会外出, 所以时间将会随时更动.时间表会陆续PO文通知

经过几次下来的经验, 对第四场的展览有更完整的概念.希望这次能更完整的呈现.
展览名称 : "布好玩,纸好看"
距离展出时间: 2 1/2 月
参与计画制作和设计: Nana & Soloist 感謝协助制作动画和2D平面设计部份.

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