Wednesday, December 17, 2008

布好玩,紙好看2009 (高雄展)

Thanks for no 18 island. Happy to be invited for having an exhibition at GaoShiong - Taiwan. I'll shall my artworks like handmade dolls and illustration. This is my first time showing my illustration of "big foot series" . I think it's a good start for me. And I hope in future can share more to others country as well. And I would like to invite more friends come with me. Sharing and traveling the world.

布好玩,紙好看2009 (台灣高雄)
Roomism呈現設計的手工製娃娃和插畫. 同時分享一項和其他設計合作的Paper toy - Boxy bat Design.

時間: 6th Jan 2009 (二) 18:30~20:00
地點: NO.18skyisland 台灣 高雄市 仁智街235號 (新崛江商圈)

地點: NO.18skyisland 台灣 高雄市 仁智街235號 (新崛江商圈)
時間: 6th Jan 2009 ~ 31st Jan2009 14:00~22:00 (週一休息)

Rock You 2009跨年搖滾音樂節
Date: 31Dec2008

I'm glad to join the Countdown party " Rock You 2009". Sharing my ark work and to get to know more about them. Keep in touch! I'll publish more photos after the show.

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