Friday, January 2, 2009

Rock You 2009 _ Kaohsiung.Taiwan (Photos)

Photo from Rock you 2009

First Supporter Mr High.

Wow ! What a wonderful party. Thanks for all supportor and visitor. Special thanks No 18 skyisland , Ali, Taipei Bremen, Pank & all supporters. This is the 1st time joined the count down party at taiwan. So excited to met Singer"張懸" and others creator. During the party my hands are freeze. Unforgettable experience i never had. Happy New year 2009 & I love Taiwan.

第一次在異國跨年. 能和"張懸" 以及台灣的創作者們相遇, 心情是興奮又緊張的. 尤其在寒冷的冬天裡, 感受變得敏感. 雖然手都很冰冷到不行,身體都是暖的. 感謝ALI讓我有機會參與跨年搖滾09, 讓我有如此特別的感受.

同時謝謝18空島Taipei Bremen 的協助讓我在這次冬季之旅能夠順利. 更感謝來支持的新朋友. 雖然初次見面,大家都接受Roomism. 希望你們能繼續支持和鼓勵. 期待再回到台灣這個熱情的地方.



Nana said...

Let's Rock You 2009

大号入座 said...

18:10-18:55 太空蛋糕 space cake
19:05-19:50 1976
20:00-20:45 閃閃閃閃 the shine&shine&shine&shine
20:50-21:30 自然捲
21:35-22:20 馬念先+何欣穗
22:25-23:10 這位太太
23:10-23:55 Tizzy Bac
24:00-24:05 跨年煙火秀
24:05-24:35 張懸&algae


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