Friday, January 16, 2009

"大号入座" 1st issue

Nana Pong Solo Exhibition

Foyer @ The Art House ( Sinagpore)
1st-26th Feb 2009
Free Admission 免费入场

Supported by The Shop & Roomism

全 职独立创作者房冠伶 (Nana Pong).第一次在The Art House 舉辦插畫和銀飾作品個人展. 她毕业於1999年南艺室内设计. 2006年开始创作插画艺术. 也在2008年初特地到台湾三菱(日本授权)学贵金属首饰创作. 通过插画作品将自己的心情故事融合在幻象的世界里之後呈现在观众的眼前. 也透过"银饰"这个特殊材质体现插画的另一层面.

Singapore-based artist from Malaysia, Nana Pong will be holding her first illustration and jewellery solo exhibition at The Art House. Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art with a Diploma of Interior design in 1999, she started her passion in illustration since 2006. In 2008, Nana enrolled in a one-to-one intensive course in preciousmetal creation which was authorised by Japan Mitshubishi in taiwan.

She is thrilled to showcase part of her illustration throught the precious metal. Her pieces presented are a reflection of personal experience in an imagination world. Don't miss this passionate, first-of its-illustration exhibition that will captivate you beyond your imagination.

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