Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friends from KL Design Week

1st Time having an exhibition at Malaysia. Good experience to share more and know about malaysia talented artist like Michael chual , MR Chuo -Action tintoy, Muid Room 99 , Tako - Toy artist and etc . I would like to thanks for Michael chual & his team for all support. We leaned from experience to make it better & hope to see your in 2010.

終於結束第一次在馬來西亞的展覽. 這是很好的機會和馬來西亞的創作者有面對面的交流. 同時也要謝謝Michael Chual 和他的工作團隊的幫忙. 雖然有諸多的問題, 但相信經歷這次的經驗和教訓2010年的設計週會辦的更成功.

Special Thanks Mr Gao (Lecture) to visit us.

From Chong Hua High School with Lecture Mr Gao.

She like the Kelu keychain very much. ^^

Visitor like the boxy bat n Keychain very much.

Mdm Zanita who from National Art Gallery (Malaysia) with her younger daughter . Both of us from same hometown Kluang. Glad to meet her and thanks for her support.

Photo took from Pipit booth.
Shambhala -Collabration project . Toy by Mi2 (taiwan) & Design by Black fryday. I'm going to summit my designed shambhala too.

Michael Chuah (Malaysia Comic artist)

Meow Kee (designer)

Dua (friend)

Edmund (become)


Young tiger

IVY(pipit) with Apple head from Mari Brand (Japan Toy Artist)

Tent for secret tent

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