Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Da-Ren" Kelu Collaboration with Desmond Kon

Handmade "Da Ren Kelu"

The Story of "Da-Ren" Kelu

This fruitarian microbat lives in the Tree of Life, and only leaves its roost on the first full moon of every leap year. Little more is known of this mythical-mystical bat. On its last sighting, tourists said it now has the tree emblazoned on its tiny lips, in criss-crossing band-aids, as if to offer an eternal apology for its self-imposed seclusion. Sometimes, it manages to speak. When that happens, the utterance sounds something like "différance" in soft and cooing echoes.

Based on a poem by Desmond Kon
Drawn & created by Nana Pong

Click here for the E-Book

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