Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photos of Sept Maad 2010- Ngeow & Mari ( Japan)

With Mari

Mari & Mike

Click Here for more photos

Thanks for everyone to make friend with "Ngeow". If you interested with Ngeow & the camera , please email to

I'm so happy to meet mari again. we're sharing works, experience , information & everything. We hope to see you soon.

能和世界各地多創作者相遇交流是很開心的事情. 因為對我們來說人生有很多的可能性, 只要努力放開胸懷去做就對了. 或許語言不同, 年齡不同, 背景不同... 但是我們都相信我們的作品會代替我們說話.

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