Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bat keychain + pattern 蝙蝠鑰匙扣+手繪圖案

I'm keep trying new in the bat. This time i draw something on it. this pattern I called it "Spirit". It come from my illustration. As the pattern is freehand draw by using waterproof pen, therefore it appeal unique for every pieces. Be continue...

一直嘗試新點子付與在蝙蝠. 這次我直接在布料上畫畫. 這個圖案叫"精靈" 出現在我的插畫上. 這也是我想付與蝙蝠的.

由於是手繪, 所以每個圖案都各具特色. 之後會一一放上來.

Size: W6cm x 6cm

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