Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bat+florist keychain 蝙蝠+圖樣鑰匙扣

Since I did the red color 3D bat. I was thinking to try something interesting. I found florist fabric is sweet. This is limited key chain as i have a small piece fabric only. Nice pattern fabric with red wings dress well for the new image of cute bat. Kawaii (cute). ^.^Y

自從縫製了紅色可愛小蝙蝠. 我一直想尋找有趣的. 花繪圖樣看起來很可愛. 這是限量版可愛花案蝙蝠鑰匙扣, 因為我只有一小塊布料而已. 配上紅色的翅膀, 谁還敢說蝙蝠骯髒呢!
可愛吧! ^.^"

Size: W 6cm x H6cm

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