Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Visit Taiwan Creative Artists & Market 2011

To start with,I believe that there is someone out there,who is always dreaming about traveling to Taiwan just like me.For me,Taiwan is a brand new world to explore with the fullest of my curiosity.Also,You can always expect the unexpected there.

I'm a person who doesn't wish to spend too much money on a bed but rather doing other stuff especially when I travel to foreign countries.I'm sure it's worth for you to continue reading my article.But I'm afraid that you might feel disappointed if you want to enjoy a luxurious 5 star hotel during your trip.

During my recent trips ,I've came across with some very nice and kind people,who are working in the creative industry there.And I was totally moved by their enthusiasm.In order to benefit those people,who are also working in the creative industry,they are running a project working with a hotel now.They named the project Campo Bag Room.

Campo Bag and Citic Hotel warmly welcome creative people around the world to stay in the Campo Bag Room.Surprisingly,your rental fee will be offset by your very own creations and a merely nominal fee.Don't get me wrong,I am not pulling your leg.It's absolutely trueYour can create your very own creations no matter using what kind of media and materials.Further more,Your creations will be preserved for decorating the Campo Bag Room.In future,creative people whoever stay in the room will be able to see your creations.Isn't that cool?

Citic Hotel located at Yong He area Zhu Lin Road,I think,is quite convenient to me.

Lastly,let me provide some useful information:

From the hotel:

10 minutes walk to the Ding Xi MRT station 2nd exit.

Family convenient shop is just across a street.

1 minute walk to a 24 hours mini market.You can find almost everything here.

Mos Burger is within 10 minutes walk from the MRT station.

The famous Yong He World Soy Milk King is around 5 minutes walk.You can taste the authentic Taiwan breakfast here,they also open at night.

LeHua night market is around 15 minutes walk. You can enjoy eating and shopping as a local there.

Walking along the street to its end,you will see a 24 hours laundry shop.Less than 5 minutes walk.

Please visit the following URL to see more information.



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